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Newspapers vs. Online

Once again I was reminded why I hate breaking news and instead prefer slow, thoughtful journalism – a few quick thoughts about the advantages of newspaper journalism compared to online journalism

Being productive and loving your daily commute to work

My daily commute to work consists of a train ride of about 30 minutes plus some minutes of walking to and from the train station. Due to the rather good public transport system in Germany, taking the car would only save me about 10 minutes each way. But even with burning hot trains in the summer, the usual delays and noisy & smelly fellow passengers, I wouldn’t want to do my daily commute by car.

Why it's important to have an online presence, even if you're not working in Social Media (right now)

Googling yourself is associated with a lot of bad prejudices and in the general opinion often means that this person is very egocentric and only cares about himself. In my opinion this is a bunch of bullshit. In this day and age it has never been more vital to check and control the content that is out there for everyone to find. And the easiest method to check literally is a google search of your name.

→How to survive family tech support

I really like how Backblaze wrote this short little guide on how to handle the usual tech support requests that tipically reach climax over the christmas holidays. This advice is not only fitting for family tech support, but for all daily situations at work in the IT sector.