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Aktuelle Artikel im Blog

In meinem Blog schreibe ich über Themen die mich auch abseits der IT bewegen; zumeist ist das Netzkultur, Journalismus, Sport und Reisen – auf Deutsch und Englisch.

  • Ads & Tracking – why most websites today suck

    Why most of todays web suck, how the European Union is involved and what everyone can do to help.

  • Eine kleine Linksammlung zur Corona-Warn-App – der wohl meisterwarteten App seit Jahren

    Seit einer Woche ist die App, die wohl selbst in der breiten Öffentlichkeit so diskutiert wurde wie noch nie eine App zuvor, nun zum Download erhältlich – die Corona-Warn-App.

  • Jeremy Lin on issues of worthiness and deserving

    Jeremy Lin is the first Asian-American to win a NBA championship, as his team the – Toronto Raptors – defeated the Golden State Warriors in the 2019 Finals

  • Seeking discomfort to progress in life

    Like with everything in life, you can only develop if you take the first step. And that is applicable to almost every situation you may encounter

  • Newspapers vs. Online

    As you’ve probably heard, last weekend there was an incident in Münster, Germany where a car drove in a café full of people, killing at least 3. Normally, my reaction to this kind of breaking news is to always avoid social media and news tv channels in the first few hours.

  • Being productive and loving your daily commute to work

    I used to spent all of my commute either with unimportant private stuff that I would rather deal with in the evenings and weekends or with work stuff outside of my work hours.

  • Why it’s important to have an online presence, even if you’re not working in Social Media (right now)

    Googling yourself is associated with a lot of bad prejudices and in the general opinion often means that this person is very egocentric and only cares about himself