Freelancing (2009 - ongoing)

I’ve been working as a freelancer for more than 10 years. I have specialized in IT-Consulting and worked with law & doctor’s offices as well as journalists and companies to plan, organize and implement highly individual network- and computer systems. Including but not limited to internal network infrastructure, server administration, web hosting, e-mail hosting and website administration.

Apps N Coffee (2014 - 2017)

Screenshot Apps N Coffee
Screenshot of Apps N Coffee (missing the article images) – late 2016
Apps N Coffee was one of the first blogs I had that was economically successful and got updated frequently for almost three years. During this time I posted about once a week about apps, hardware, reviews, productivity and everything else on the Internet. For some time Apps N Coffee was running on WordPress, the most successful and visible on Google it got when it switched to a self-developed layout on Kirby. I learned a lot about working and cooperating with companies, Online Marketing, SEO and the blogging community. To this date I still hugely profit from the writing and these real world experiences & connections I had while doing this blog.

Photogenic (2016)

Screenshot Photogenic
Photogenic – a Kirby Theme
Photogenic was a theme I developed for Kirby CMS version 2. It offered photographers or bloggers who wanted to tell their stories mainly via pictures a very easy way to do so within a very minimalistic layout and a bloat-free tech stack. It came with different post types such as only picture post, single picture post with text oder gallery post with text. Thanks to the even back then amazing functionality of Kirby, photographers didn’t need to care to resize or optimize their pictures before uploading. They could uplaod a picture a picture in full-size and the theme would resize and optimize it to ensuere optimal performance and visuality.

There are still a lot of projects not listed here, so check back later :)